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Yehonatan Koenig

I make art to speak to and call in the great truth of being - Evoking the space between: the stillness from which form is in an eternal process of being born and destroyed. The work is characterized by a sense of energetic movement: dark and light, being and dissolution, contraction and expansion. Knowing-not-knowing

Updates from the studio;
Musing, New work, Insights and Whimsy

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Created from original work, minted and given to collector as a record of the sale with hidden content

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Artist Statement

At first glance, my artwork presents a macro view of a structural reality, unfolding through the interplay of non-organic shapes and geometric forms. These elements converge at vanishing points, creating dynamic interactions and contrasts between shadow and light.

Beneath this surface, the composition's true complexity emerges from what I term 'Yoni Particles'—my unique, hand-drawn organic shapes. These shapes, often concealed initially, gradually disclose detailed organic patterns on closer observation. This intricate layering serves as the foundation for the organizational structures our minds perceive, revealing the inherent beauty in chaos.


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