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Yehonatan Koenig

I make art to speak to and call in the great truth of being - Evoking the space between: the stillness from which form is in an eternal process of being born and destroyed. The work is characterized by a sense of energetic movement: dark and light, being and dissolution, contraction and expansion. Knowing-not-knowing

Updates from the studio;
Musing, New work, Insights and Whimsy

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Created from original work, minted and given to collector as a record of the sale with hidden content

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Artist Statement

I create meditative, transformative, and luminous ink drawings using a variety of ink pens and brushes, drawing inspiration from the natural world, sacred geometry, and the alchemical spirit. Recently, I've been delving into larger scale pieces that act as transcendental portals, inviting viewers to journey beyond the visual sense and engage in self-discovery through contemplation and introspection.

When I'm still and fortunate enough, I might catch a glimpse of a universal organizing transcendental force that fills me with awe, and perhaps even mystical realization. My art is an expression of this quest, inviting viewers to join me on a journey into the unknown where creation and destruction intersect, and life's mysteries unfold.



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